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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Human Brain Expansion during Evolution Is Independent of Fire Control and CookingCornélio, Alianda M.; Bittencourt-Navarrete, Ruben E. de; Brum, Ricardo de Bittencourt; Queiroz, Claudio M.; Costa, Marcos R
21-Jul-2017Transcriptional profile of induced and primary neurons reveals new candidate genes for lineage reprogrammingCoelho, Diego M; Souza, Sandro José de; Costa, Marcos R
3-Nov-2011Using an adherent cell culture of the mouse subependymal zone to study the behavior of adult neural stem cells on a single-cell levelOrtega, Felipe; Costa, Marcos R; Simon-Ebert, Tatiana; Schroeder, Timm; Götz, Magdalena