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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Sep-2017Common marmosets: a potential translational animal model of juvenile depressionGalvão-Coelho, Nicole Leite; Galvão, Ana Cecília de Menezes; Silva, Flávia Santos da; Sousa, Maria Bernardete Cordeiro de
2017Effect of chronic stress during adolescence in prefrontal cortex structure and functionFolha, Otávio Augusto de Araújo Costa; Bahia, Carlomagno Pacheco; Aguiar, Gisele Priscila Soares de; Herculano, Anderson Manoel; Coelho, Nicole Leite Galvão; Sousa, Maria Bernardete Cordeiro de; Shiramizu, Victor Kenji Medeiros; Galvão, Ana Cecília de Menezes; Carvalho, Walther Augusto de; Pereira, Antonio
30-Nov-2015Endocrine and Cognitive Adaptations to Cope with Stress in Immature Common Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus): Sex and Age MatterSousa, Maria Bernardete Cordeiro de; Galvão, Ana Cecília de Menezes; Sales, Carla Jéssica Rodrigues; Castro, Dijenaide Chaves de; Galvão-Coelho, Nicole Leite Galvão-Coelho
2016Physiological and behavioral responses to routine procedures in captive common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)Galvão, Ana Cecília de Menezes; Ferreira, Renata Gonçalves; Sousa, Maria Bernardete Cordeiro de; Galvão-Coelho, Nicole Leite
2018Social interactions and androgens levels in marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) in field and laboratory studies: a preliminary investigation of the Challenge HypothesisSousa, Maria Bernardete Cordeiro de; Pontes, Mariana Chiste; Galvão, Ana Cecília de Menezes; Silva, Hélderes Peregrino Alves da; Galvão-Coelho, Nicole Leite