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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Theta-Gamma Cross-Frequency Analyses (Hippocampus)Scheffer-Teixeira, Robson; Tort, Adriano B. L.
30-Apr-2018NMDA receptor signaling is important for neural tube formation and for preventing antiepileptic drug-induced neural tube defectsSequerra, Eduardo B.; Goyal, Raman; Castro, Patricio A.; Levin, Jacqueline B.; Borodinsky, Laura N.
2018Graph theory applied to speech: insights on cognitive deficit diagnosis and dream researchMota, Natália Bezerra; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta
12-Nov-2019A distinct class of bursting neuronswith strong gamma synchronizationand stimulus selectivity in monkey V1Onorato, Irene; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Hoy, Jennifer; Lima, Bruss; Rocha, Katia-Simone; Broggini, Ana Clara; Uran, Cem; Spyropoulos, Georgios; Klon-Lipok, Johanna; Womelsdorf, Thilo; Fries, Pascal; Niell, Cristopher; Singer, Wolf; Vinck, Martin
Jul-2017A tool for integrating genetic and mass spectrometry-based peptide data: proteogenomics viewer: PV: a genome browser-like tool, which includes MS data visualization and peptide identification parametersKroll, Jose Eduardo; Silva, Vandeclecio Lira da; Souza, Sandro Jose de; Souza, Gustavo Antonio de