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Título: What do we want or is important to know?
Autor(es): Lima, Kenio Costa de
Palavras-chave: Health Promotion;Technical Cooperation
Data do documento: 2015
Citação: LIMA, K. C. What do we want or is important to know? Revista Brasileira de Geriatria e Gerontologia, v. 18, n. 4, p. 713-713, 2015.
metadata.dc.description.resumo: As we come to the end of one more year of the 21st century, its fourteenth, theRevista Brasileira de Geriatria e Gerontologia ("the Brazilian Journal of Geriatrics and Gerontology") once again throws back the curtains on the stage of independent scientific production. As has been the case in previous issues, we shall focus on quality, rather than regional and thematic inequality. In this context, we bring to the fore the need to allow and encourage access and visibility to a wide-range of scientific production, based on scientific rigor, aimed at the democratization of knowledge. An opportunity for those who produce such work, and an opportunity for those who need it. We are no longer a simple sharer of scientific information among our peers, but have taken over social networks and become international in the true sense of the word.
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