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Title: Bioinformatics Analysis of the Human Surfaceome Reveals New Targets for a Variety of Tumor Types
Authors: Fonseca, André L.
Silva, Vandeclécio L. da
Fonsêca, Marbella M. da
Meira, Isabella T. J.
Silva, Thayná E. da
Kroll, José E.
Ribeiro-dos-Santos, André M.
Freitas, Cléber R.
Furtado, Raimundo
Souza, Jorge E. de
Stransky, Beatriz
Souza, Sandro J. de
Keywords: genetic;neoplasms
Issue Date: 18-Oct-2016
Portuguese Abstract: It is estimated that 10 to 20% of all genes in the human genome encode cell surface proteins and due to their subcellular localization these proteins represent excellent targets for cancer diagnosis and therapeutics. Therefore, a precise characterization of the surfaceome set in different types of tumor is needed. Using TCGA data from 15 different tumor types and a new method to identify cancer genes, the -score, we identified several potential therapeutic targets within the surfaceome set. This allowed us to expand a previous analysis from us and provided a clear characterization of the human surfaceome in the tumor landscape. Moreover, we present evidence that a three-gene set—WNT5A, CNGA2, and IGSF9B—can be used as a signature associated with shorter survival in breast cancer patients. The data made available here will help the community to develop more efficient diagnostic and therapeutic tools for a variety of tumor types.
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