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Title: Large solitary fibrous tumor of the oral cavity - Report of a case
Authors: Oliveira, Denise Hélen Imaculada Pereira de
Albuquerque, Assis Filipe Medeiros
Barreto, Matheus Dantas de Araújo
Nonaka, Cassiano Francisco Weege
Silva, José Sandro Pereira da
Germano, Adriano Rocha
Queiroz, Lélia Maria Guedes
Keywords: Solitary fibrous tumor;Oral cavity;Differential diagnosis;Immunohistochemistry;CD34
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: OLIVEIRA, Denise Hélen Imaculada Pereira de et al. Large solitary fibrous tumor of the oral cavity - Report of a case. Pathology, Research and Practice, v. 210, n. 12, p. 1064-1067, 2014.
Portuguese Abstract: The solitary fibrous tumor (SFT) is a rare soft tissue tumor with a substantially benign clinical behavior. The SFT of the oral cavity is a very uncommon entity. It is also of complicated diagnosis because of its extensive morphologic diversity and because of its similarity to many mesenchymal tumors. A 44-year-old man was referred for management of an asymptomatic lesion in the left buccal mucosa, which had been identified 10 years earlier. Intra-oral examination revealed a well-demarcated, fibroelastic, rounded exophytic mass located in the left buccal mucosa. The mass was covered with a non-ulcerated mucosa of normal color and measured approximately 4.0 cm in diameter. Histopathological examination showed proliferation of spindle-shaped cells arranged in fascicles and in a patternless pattern, highly vascularized, with focal staghorn vessels. Immunohistochemical analysis revealed diffuse positivity for CD34 and focal positivity for Bcl-2. Awareness of the morphological diversity of SFT coupled to a judicious use of appropriate immunohistochemical probes should prove valuable to accurately segregate SFT from other spindle cell neoplasms.
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