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Title: Nucleation of vortex pairs in exchange biased nanoelements
Authors: Carriço, Arthur S.
Rebouças, G. O. G.
Dantas, Ana L.
Silva, A. S. M.
Keywords: Effects in the magnetic order of interface biased iron
Issue Date: 24-Mar-2011
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Citation: SILVA, A. S. M.; DANTAS, Ana L. ; REBOUÇAS, Gustavo de Oliveira Gurgel ; CARRIÇO, Artur S. Vortex Nucleation in Exchange Biased Magnetic Nanoelements. Journal of Applied Physics, v. 109, n. 7, 2011. Disponível em: . Acesso: 26. mar. 2020. > Journal of Applied Physics > Volume 109, Issue 7 > 10.1063/1.3537924
Portuguese Abstract: We report a theoretical investigation of interface effects in the magnetic order of interface biased iron and Permalloy™ elliptical nano-elements. Contrary to intuition, there is a partial pinning of the interface layer, favoring double vortex states along the hysteresis loop. Interface biasing affects the relative chirality and the distance of the vortices. Unbiased nanoelements may nucleate vortex pairs with the same chirality separated by an antivortex. For interface biased nanoelements the vortex pair forms with opposite chirality separated by a magnetic domain.
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