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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jan-2021Differential transcript usage unravels gene expression alterations in Alzheimer’s disease human brainsCoelho, Diego Marques; Iohan, Lukas da Cruz Carvalho; Farias, Ana Raquel Melo de; Flaig, Amandine; Lambert, Jean-Charles; Costa, Marcos Romualdo
12-Nov-2018Evidence of müller glia conversion into retina ganglion cells using neurogenin2Guimarães, Roberta Pereira de Melo; Landeira, Bruna Soares; Coelho, Diego Marques; Golbert, Daiane Cristina Ferreira; Silveira, Mariana S.; Linden, Rafael; Reis, Ricardo A. de Melo; Costa, Marcos R.
28-Aug-2020Pyk2 overexpression in postsynaptic neurons blocks amyloid β1-42-induced synaptotoxicity in microfluidic co-culturesKilinc, Devrim; Vreulx, Anaїs-Camille; Mendes, Tiago; Flaig, Amandine; Coelho, Diego Marques; Verschoore, Maxime; Demiautte, Florie; Amouyel, Philippe; Eysert, Fanny; Dourlen, Pierre; Chapuis, Julien; Costa, Marcos Romualdo; Malmanche, Nicolas; Checler, Frédéric; Lambert, Jean-Charles