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2013Changes in the suprachiasmatic nucleus during aging: implications for biological rhythmsEngelberth, Rovena C. G. J.; Pontes, André L. Bezerra de; Fiuza, Felipe Porto; Silva, Kayo D. de Azevedo; Resende, Nayra da S.; Azevedo, Carolina Virgínia de M.; Costa, Miriam S. M. O.; Cavalcante, Judney C.; Nascimento Júnior, Expedito S.; Gavioli, Elaine Cristina; Cavalcante, Jeferson S.
2014Morphological changes in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of aging female marmosets (callithrix jacchus)Engelberth, Rovena Clara G. J.; Silva, Kayo Diogenes de A.; Azevedo, Carolina V. de M.; Gavioli, Elaine Cristina; Santos, Jose Ronaldo dos; Soares, Joacil Germano; Nascimento Junior, Expedito S.; Cavalcante, Judney C.; Costa, Miriam Stela M. O.; Cavalcante, Jeferson S.
10-Apr-2012The elevated T-maze task as an animal model to simultaneously investigate the effects of drugs on long-term memory and anxiety in miceSoares, Bruno Lobão; Asth, Laila; André, Eunice; Soares, Vanessa de Paula; Gavioli, Elaine Cristina
1-May-2015There is more to the picture than meets the rat: A study on rodent geometric shape and proportion preferencesWinne, Jéssica; Teixeira, Leslie; Pessoa, Jéssica de Andrade; Gavioli, Elaine Cristina; Rachetti, Vanessa Soares; André, Eunice; Soares, Bruno Lobão
Dec-2022Theta and gamma oscillations in the rat hippocampus support the discrimination of object displacement in a recognition memory taskNeves, Lívia Rodrigues; Soares, Bruno Lobão; Araujo, Ana Paula de Castro; Furtunato, Alan Michel Bezerra; Paiva, Izabela Lima; Souza, Nicholy da Costa; Morais, Anne Kelly Costa; Nascimento, George Carlos do; Gavioli, Elaine Cristina; Tort, Adriano Bretanha Lopes; Barbosa, Flávio Freitas; Belchior, Hindiael Aeraf