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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2018Callosal influence on visual receptive fields has an ocular, an orientation-and direction biasConde-Ocazionez, Sergio A.; Jungen, Christiane; Wunderle, Thomas; Eriksson, David; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Schmidt, Kerstin E.
3-Jul-2012Context Matters: The Illusive Simplicity of Macaque V1 Receptive FieldsHaslinger, Robert; Haslinger, Robert; Lima, Bruss; Singer, Wolf; Brown, Emery N.; Neuenschwander, Sergio
12-Nov-2019A distinct class of bursting neuronswith strong gamma synchronizationand stimulus selectivity in monkey V1Onorato, Irene; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Hoy, Jennifer; Lima, Bruss; Rocha, Katia-Simone; Broggini, Ana Clara; Uran, Cem; Spyropoulos, Georgios; Klon-Lipok, Johanna; Womelsdorf, Thilo; Fries, Pascal; Niell, Cristopher; Singer, Wolf; Vinck, Martin
7-Feb-2011Extraction of network topology from multi-electrode recordings: is there a small-world effect?Gerhard, Felipe; Pipa, Gordon; Lima, Bruss; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Gerstner, Wulfram
2-Nov-2011Gamma Responses Correlate with Temporal Expectation in Monkey Primary Visual CortexLima, Bruss; Singer, Wolf; Neuenschwander, Sergio
2012Mapping of Visual Receptive Fields by Tomographic ReconstructionPipa, Gordon; Chen, Zhe; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Lima, Bruss; Brown, Emery N.
2011A new look at gamma? High- (>60 Hz) g-band activity in cortical networks: Function, mechanisms and impairmentUhlhaas, Peter J.; Pipa, Gordon; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Wibral, Michael; Singer, Wolf
Sep-2014Oscilações rápidas no sistema retinogeniculado do gato.Rosso, Giovanne; Freitag, Fabio; Campanelli, Stephany; Baron, Jerome; Tehovnik, Edward; Neuenschwander, Sergio