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Title: Slow Oscillations in the Mouse Hippocampus Entrained by Nasal Respiration
Authors: Yanovsky, Yevgenij
Ciatipis, Mareva
Draguhn, Andreas
Tort, Adriano Bretanha Lopes
Brankacˇk, Jurij
Keywords: Oscillations;Hippocampus;Network oscillations;Rodent;Rhythm;Urethane
Issue Date: 23-Apr-2014
Citation: Yevgenij, Yanovsky et al. Slow Oscillations in the Mouse Hippocampus Entrained by Nasal Respiration (2014). The Journal of Neuroscience. 34(17), 5949 –5964.
Abstract: Different types of network oscillations occur in different behavioral, cognitive, or vigilance states. The rodent hippocampus expresses prominentoscillations atfrequencies between 4 and 12Hz,which are superimposed by phase-coupledoscillations (30 –100Hz).These patterns entrain multineuronal activity over large distances and have been implicated in sensory information processing and memory formation. Here we report a new type of oscillation at near- frequencies (2– 4 Hz) in the hippocampus of urethane-anesthetized mice. The rhythm is highly coherent with nasal respiration and with rhythmic field potentials in the olfactory bulb: hence, we called it hippocampal respiration-induced oscillations. Despite the similarity in frequency range, several features distinguish this pattern from locally generatedoscillations: hippocampal respiration-induced oscillations have a unique laminar amplitude profile, are resistant to atropine, couple differentlytooscillations, and are abolished when nasal airflow is bypassed bytracheotomy. Hippocampal neurons are entrained by both the respiration-induced rhythm and concurrent oscillations, suggesting a direct interaction between endogenous activity in the hippocampus and nasal respiratory inputs. Our results demonstrate that nasal respiration strongly modulates hippocampal network activity in mice, providing a long-range synchronizing signal between olfactory and hippocampal networks.
ISSN: 5287-13
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