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Title: Local Field Potentials in the Gustatory Cortex Carry Taste Information
Authors: Pavão, Rodrigo
Piette, Caitlin E
Lopes-dos-Santos, Vítor
Katz, Donald B.
Tort, Adriano Bretanha Lopes
Keywords: Local Field Potentials;Gustatory Cortex
Issue Date: 25-Jun-2014
Citation: Pavão, Rodrigo et. al. Local Field Potentials in the Gustatory Cortex Carry Taste Information. The Jounal of Neuroscience. v.34, n.26, 25 jun. 2014, p. 8778-8787.
Abstract: It has been recently shownthat localfield potentials (LFPs)fromthe auditory and visual cortices carry information about sensory stimuli, but whether this is a universal property of sensory cortices remains to be determined. Moreover, little is known about the temporal dynamics of sensory information contained in LFPs following stimulus onset. Here we investigated the time course of the amount of stimulus information in LFPs and spikes from the gustatory cortex of awake rats subjected to tastants and water delivery on the tongue. We found that the phase and amplitude of multiple LFP frequencies carry information about stimuli, which have specific time courses after stimulus delivery. The information carried by LFP phase and amplitude was independent within frequency bands, since the joint information exhibited neither synergy nor redundancy. Tastant information in LFPs was also independent and had a different time course from the information carried by spikes. These findings support the hypothesis that the brain uses different frequency channels to dynamically code for multiple features of a stimulus.
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