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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Interplay of wettability, interfacial reaction and interfacial thermal conductance in Sn-0.7Cu solder alloy/substrate couplesLima, Thiago Soares; Cruz, Clarissa Barros da; Silva, Bismarck Luiz; Brito, Crystopher; Garcia, Amauri; Spinelli, José Eduardo; Cheung, Noé
2019Wetting behavior of Sn–Ag–Cu and Sn–Bi–X alloys: insights into factors affecting cooling rateSilva, Bismarck Luiz; Garcia, Amauri; Spinelli, José Eduardo
12-Oct-2017Tailoring morphology and size of microstructure and tensile properties of Sn-5.5 wt.%Sb-1 wt.%(Cu,Ag) solder alloysDias, Marcelino; Costa, Thiago A.; Soares, Thiago; Silva, Bismarck Luiz; Cheung, Noé; Spinelli, José Eduardo; Garcia, Amauri
12-Apr-2018Transient unidirectional solidification, microstructure and intermetallics in Sn-Ni AlloysCruz, Clarissa Barros da; Kakitani, Rafael; Xavier, Marcella Gautê Cavalcante; Silva, Bismarck Luiz; Garcia, Amauri; Cheung, Noé; Spinelli, José Eduardo
25-Aug-2016An alternative thermal approach to evaluate the wettability of solder alloysSantos, Washington Luis Reis; Silva, Bismarck Luiz; Bertelli, Felipe; Spinelli, José Eduardo; Cheung, Noé; Garcia, Amauri
25-Sep-2016Microstructure-property relations in as-atomized and as-extruded Sn-Cu (-Ag) solder alloysMoreno, Gustavo R.; Silva, Bismarck Luiz; Bogno, Abdoul-Aziz; Henein, Hani; Spinelli, Jose Eduardo
2013Influence of topography on plasma treated titanium surface wettabilitySilva, Marco Aurélio Medeiros da; Guerra Neto, Custódio Leopoldino de Brito; Nunes Filho, Antônio; Freitas, D.O.; Braz, Danilo Cavalcante; Alves Júnior, Clodomiro
Feb-2018A comparative analysis of microstructural features, tensile properties and wettability of hypoperitectic and peritectic Sn-Sb solder alloysDias, Marcelino; Costa, Thiago Antônio; Silva, Bismarck Luiz; Spinelli, José Eduardo; Cheunga, Noé; Garcia, Amauri
Dec-2019The application of an analytical model to solve an inverse heat conduction problem: transient solidification of a Sn-Sb peritectic solder alloy on distinct substratesCurtulo, Joanisa P.; Dias, Marcelino; Bertelli, Felipe; Silva, Bismarck Luiz; Spinelli, José Eduardo; Garcia, Amauri; Cheung, Noé