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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2019Effects of seasonality, trophic state and landscape properties on CO2 saturation in low-latitude lakes and reservoirsJunger, Pedro Ciarlini; Dantas, Fabíola da Costa Catombé; Nobre, Regina Lucia Guimarães; Kosten, Sarian; Venticinque, Eduardo Martins; Araújo, Fernando de Carvalho; Sarmento, Hugo; Angelini, Ronaldo; Terra, Iagê; Gaudêncio, Andrievisk; They, Ng Haig; Becker, Vanessa; Cabral, Camila Rodrigues; Quesado, Letícia; Carneiro, Luciana Silva; Caliman, Adriano; Amado, André Megali
16-Mar-2020Influence of water volume reduction on the phytoplankton dynamics in a semiarid man-made lake: a comparison of two morphofunctional approachesBecker, Vanessa; Braga, Gustavo B.
5-Apr-2018Extreme droughts drive tropical semi-arid eutrophic reservoirs towards CO2 sub-saturationBecker, Vanessa; Mendonça Júnior, Jurandir Rodrigues de; Amado, André Megali; Vidal, Luciana de Oliveira; Mattos, Arthur
16-May-2019Impacts of drying and reflooding on water quality of a tropical semi-arid reservoir during an extended drought eventBecker, Vanessa; Leite, Jéssica Nayara de Carvalho
1-Apr-2018Phosphorus fractionation in sediments of tropical semiarid reservoirsBecker, Vanessa; Cavalcante, Herika; Araújo, Fabiana; Noyma, Natalia Pessoa