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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2012Application of approximations for joint cumulative k-distributions for mixtures to FSK radiation heat transfer in multi-component high temperature non-LTE plasmasMaurente, André Jesus Soares; Franca, Francis Henrique Ramos; Miki, Kenji; Howell, John Reid
30-Jun-2007Application of Monte Carlo method in the solution of radiation heat transfer in participating mediaMaurente, André Jesus Soares; Bayer, P. O; França, Francis Henrique Ramos
Nov-2007A Monte Carlo implementation to solve radiation heat transfer in non-uniform media with spectrally dependent propertiesMaurente, André Jesus Soares; Vielmo, Horácio Antonio; França, Francis Henrique Ramos
Jul-2008Comparison of the standard weighted-sum-of-gray-gases with the absorption-line blackbody distribution function for the computation of radiative heat transfer in H2O/CO2 mixturesMaurente, André Jesus Soares; Vielmo, Horácio Antonio; França, Francis Henrique Ramos
Dec-2019Radiation heat transfer in a gas slab with properties characteristics of a jet engine combustorMaurente, André Jesus Soares; Alves, Camilo G.
Jul-2017Non-dimensional wavenumber in full-spectrum k-distribution computations with or without a reference stateMaurente, André Jesus Soares; Bruno, Alexandre Barbosa; França, Francis Henrique Ramos; Howell, John Reid
5-May-2016Numerical simulation of nanoparticles assisted laser photothermal therapy: a comparison of the P1‐approximation and discrete ordinate methodsMaurente, André Jesus Soares; Bruno, Alexandre Barbosa; Lamien, Bernard; Orlande, Helcio R. B.
5-Feb-2019Numerical investigation of convection in tubes with aluminium and carbon steel fns: evaluating the assumption of convective heat transfer coefcient as that for the tube without fns and relating physical processes with the optimum spacing between fnsMaurente, André Jesus Soares; Souza, Sandi Itamar Schafer de; Bessa, Kleiber Lima de
30-Mar-2017Analysis of the multi‐spectral energy bundle method: fnding the number of sub‐bundles for the minimum computational timeMaurente, André Jesus Soares; Negócio, Denis Alexandre de Rubim Costa