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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Oct-2001Spectral power distributions for the CIE stimuliBezerra, Clovis de Medeiros; Hawkyard, C. J.
22-Jun-2006Computer match prediction for fluorescent dyes by neural networksBezerra, Clovis de Medeiros; Hawkyard, C. J.
11-Nov-2019Novel synthesis of copper oxide on fabric samples by cathodic cage plasma depositionFeitor, Michele Cequeira; Fernades, Fernanda; Rocha Filho, Edglay; Souza, Ivan; Nascimento, Igor; Sousa, Rômulo; Almeida, Edalmy; Costa, Thércio; Naeem, Muhammad; Iqbal, Javed
18-May-2020Surface modification of PET fabric by plasma pre-treatment for long-lasting permethrin depositionFeitor, Michelle Cequeira; Badaro, Adair Divino da Silva; Libório, Maxwell Santana; Souza, Flaviane camara de; Sousa, Rômulo Ribeiro Magalhães; Santos, Rayane Saory Medeiros dos; Costa, Thércio Henrique de Carvalho; Naeem, Muhammad; Iqba, Javed
5-Aug-2020Structural and optical properties of ZnO: Al thin films produced by magnetron sputtering with different oxygen flow: an experimental and Ab initio studyFeitor, Michelle Cerqueira; Queiroz, José César Augusto de; Azevedo Filho, João Batista de; Libório, Maxwell Santana; Santos, Edson José da Costa; Souto, Ulisses Borges; Sousa, Rômulo Ribeiro Magalhães de; Costa, Thércio Henrique de Carvalho
30-Jul-2020Novel antibacterial silver coating on PET fabric assisted with hollow-cathode glow dischargeNascimento, Rubens Maribondo do; Naeem, Muhammad; Felipe, M. B. M. C.; Medeiros, Silvia Regina Batistuzzo de; Costa, Thércio Henrique de Carvalho; Libório, Maxwell Santana; Alves Júnior, Clodomiro; Nascimento, Igor Oliveira; Sousa, R. R. M.; Feitor, Michelle Cequeira