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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Specification and Runtime Verification of Java Card ProgramsCosta, Umberto Souza da; Moreira, Anamaria Martins; Musicante, Martin A.; Souza Neto, Plácido A.
Jun-2004Properties of the weighting cell estimator under a nonparametric response mechanismSilva, Damião Nóbrega da; Opsomer, Jean D.
2005Soft mode of antiferromagnetic multilayers near the surface spin-flop transitionDantas, Ana L.; Vieira, Selma R.; Almeida, N. S.; Carriço, Artur da Silva
21-Sep-2006Safety concerns related to magnetic field exposureSilva, Amanda K. Andriola; Silva, Erica L.; Egito, E. Socrates T.; Carriço, Artur da Silva
2005Interface roughness effects on coercivity and exchange biasDantas, Ana L.; Rebouças, G. O. G.; Silva, André S. W. T.; Carriço, Artur da Silva
2005Threshold for reorientation of the magnetization in F/AF bilayersSilva, Melquisedec L.; Dantas, Ana L.; Carriço, Artur da Silva
2006CNO in evolved intermediate mass starSmiljanic, R.; Barbuy, B.; Medeiros, José Renan de; Maeder, A.
2006Basic physical parameters of a selected sample of evolved starsSilva, L. da; Girardi, L.; Pasquini, L.; Setiawan, J.; Lühe, O. von der; Medeiros, José Renan de; Hatzes, A.; Döllinger, M. P.; Weiss, A.
12-Oct-2009Thermal hysteresis of ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic compensated bilayersNascimento, F. I. F.; Dantas, Ana L.; Oliveira, L. L.; Mello, V. D.; Camley, R. E.; Carriço, Artur da Silva
2005Heat capacity of compensated F/AF bilayersSilva, M. L.; Dantas, Ana L.; Carriço, Artur da Silva