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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2017ZrO2 tape as flexible substrate to artificially nanostructured materialsCorrêa, Marcio Assolin; Araújo, M. R.; Acchar, Wilson; Souza, A. L. R.; Melo, Acácio Silveira; Bohn, Felipe
1-Oct-2017Exchange-biased SiO2/Co/CoO granular multilayers deposited by sequential sputteringGomes, Matheus Gamino; Michea, Sebastián; Denardin, Juliano C.; Schelp, Luiz F.; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Bohn, Felipe; Dorneles, Lúcio S.
29-Sep-2016Exploring the magnetization dynamics of NiFe/Pt multilayers in flexible substratesCorrêa, Marcio Assolin; Dutra, Roberta; Marcondes, Tatiana Lisboa; Mori, T. J. A.; Bohn, Felipe; Sommer, R. L.
25-May-2017CFA Films in amorphous substrate: structural phase induction and magnetization dynamicsCorrêa, Marcio Assolin; Bohn, Felipe; Escobar, V. M.
15-Sep-2017Design of a lipase-nano particle biocatalysts and its use in the kinetic resolution of medicament precursorsBezerra, Rayanne Mendes; Andrade Neto, Davino M.; Galvão, Wesley S.; Rios, Nathalia Saraiva; Carvalho, Ana Caroline Lustosa de Melo; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Bohn, Felipe; Fernandez-Lafuente, Roberto; Fechine, Pierre B.A.; Mattos, Marcos Carlos de; Santos, José Cleiton Sousa dos; Gonçalves, Luciana R.B.
31-Aug-2017Universal temporal characteristics and vanishing of multifractality in Barkhausen avalanchesLima, Gustavo Zampier dos Santos; Corso, Gilberto; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Sommer, R. L.; Ivanov, P. Ch.; Bohn, Felipe
15-Dec-2016Handling magnetic anisotropy and magnetoimpedance effect in flexible multilayers under external stressAgra, Kennedy Leite; Bohn, Felipe; Mori, T. J. A.; Callegari, Gustavo Luiz; Dorneles, Lúcio S.; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin
3-Apr-2017Thickness dependence of the magnetic anisotropy and dynamic magnetic response of ferromagnetic NiFe filmsSilva, Edimilson Félix da; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Pace, R. D. Della; Cid, C. C. Plá; Kern, P. R.; Carara, M.; Feitosa, Carlos Chesman de Araújo; Santos, O. Alves; Rodríguez-Suárez, R. L.; Azevedo, A.; Rezende, S. M.; Bohn, Felipe
1-May-2018Manipulating the magnetic anisotropy and magnetization dynamics by stress: Numerical calculation and experimenCorrêa, Marcio Assolin; Bohn, Felipe
1-Feb-2017Invariance of the magnetic behavior and AMI in ferromagnetic biphase films with distinct non-magnetic metallic spacersSilva, E. F.; Gamino, M.; Andrade, Antônio Marcos Helgueira de; Vásquez, Manuel; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Bohn, Felipe