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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The exponentiated generalized extended exponential distributionAndrade, Thiago A. N. de; Bourguignon, Marcelo; Cordeiro, Gauss M.
Jan-2016A new skew integer valued time series processBourguignon, Marcelo; Vasconcellos, Klaus L.P.
Apr-2016A new Pareto-type distribution with applications in reliability and income dataBourguignon, Marcelo; Saulo, Helton; Fernandez, Rodrigo Nobre
2017On moment-type estimators for a class of log-symmetric distributionsBalakrishnan, N.; Saulo, Helton; Bourguignon, Marcelo; Zhu, Xiaojun
2017A generalised NGINAR(1) process with inflated-parameter geometric counting seriesBorges, Patrick; Bourguignon, Marcelo; Molinares, Fabio Fajardo
2016Poisson–geometric INAR(1) process for modeling count time series with overdispersionBourguignon, Marcelo
2005Testing homogeneity in Weibull-regression modelsBolfarine, Heleno; Valença, Dione M.
2006Testing homogeneity inWeibull error in variablesmodelsValença, Dione Maria; Bolfarine, Heleno
5-May-2016Risk-adjusted monitoring of time to event in the presence of long-term survivorsOliveira, Jocelânio W.; Valença, Dione Maria; Medeiros, Pledson Guedes; Marçula, Magaly
26-Mar-2015Analysis of augmented unreplicated factorial designs repeated in TimeVivacqua, Carla A.; Pinho, André Luís Santos de; Ho, Linda Lee