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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Apr-2017Effect of Ag clusters doping on the photoluminescence, photocatalysis and magnetic properties of ZnO nanorods prepared by facile microwave-assisted hydrothermal synthesisSouza, Renata Priscilla de Araújo; Motta, Fabiana Vilella da; Nascimento, José Heriberto Oliveira do; Delmonte, Maurício Roberto Bomio; Borges, Filipe Martel de Magalhães; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Silva, Elson Longo da; Li, Maximo Siu; Bohn, Felipe; Paskocimas, Carlos Alberto
14-Feb-2020Disclosing the structural, electronic, magnetic, and morphological properties of CuMnO2: a unified experimental and theoretical approachSantiago, Anderson de Azevedo Gomes; Tranquilin, Ricardo Luis; Oliveira, Marisa Carvalho de; Ribeiro, Renan Augusto Pontes; Lazaro, Sérgio Ricardo de; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Bohn, Felipe; Silva, Elson Longo da; Motta, Fabiana Villela da; Delmonte, Maurício Roberto Bomio
15-Feb-2020Characterization and photocatalytic application of Ce4+, Co2+, Mn2+ and Ni2+ doped Fe3O4 magnetic nanoparticles obtained by the co-precipitation methodAndrade Neto, Nivaldo Freire de; Nascimento, Leulomar Enedino do; Corrêa, Marcio Assolin; Bohn, Felipe; Delmonte, Maurício Roberto Bomio; Motta, Fabiana Villela da