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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2016Nanolubricants developed from tiny CuO nanoparticlesAlves, Salete Martins; Mello, V. S.; Faria, E. A.; Camargo, A. P. P.
Feb-2020Surface modification of M2 steel by combination of cathodic cage plasma deposition and magnetron sputtered MoS2-TiN multilayer coatingsAlves, Salete Martins; Libório, Maxwell Santana; Praxedes, G.B; Lima, L.L.F; Nascimento, Igor Oliveira; Sousa, R.R.M; Naeem, Muhammad Salman; Costa, Thercio Henrique de Carvalho; Iqbal, Javed
2016Leverage about synthesis and dispersion with cuo nanoparticle in oil lubricatingAlves, Salete Martins; Mello, Valdicleide Silva e; Guedes, Ana Emília Diniz Silva; Carvajal, Tirso Lorenzo Reyes
24-Nov-2015Correlation between fuel lubricity and vibration signals obtained in ball-disc analysis using fourier transformAlves, Salete Martins; Farias, Aline Cristina Mendes de; Medeiros, Alexandre Augusto Souza; Oliveira Júnior, José Josemar de
Oct-2020Enhancing Cuo nanolubricant performance using dispersing agentsAlves, Salete Martins; Mello, V. S.; Faria, E.A; Scandian, C.
22-Jul-2014Effect of desulfurization of diesel and its blends with biodiesel on metallic contactAlves, Salete Martins; Mello, Valdicleide SIlva e; Lima, Ella Raquel do Vale Souza de; Oliveira, Marcos Vinycius de Araújo
Aug-2019Influence of stainless steel corrosion on biodiesel oxidative stability during storageAlves, Salete Martins; Pereira, Franklin Kaic Dutra; Bicudo, Tatiana de Campos
4-Jul-2014Micro and nanometric wear evaluation of metal discs used on determination of biodiesel fuel lubricityAlves, Salete Martins; Farias, Aline Cristina Mendes de; Medeiros, João Telésforo Nóbrega de
Jul-2019Evaluation of mechanical properties of cement slurries containing SBR latex subjected to high temperaturesAlves, Salete Martins; Ramalho, Ramón Victor Alves; Freitas, Julio Cezar de Oliveira; Costa, Bruno Leonardo de Sena; Bezerra, Ulisses Targino
4-May-2016Improvement of coating adhesion on cemented carbide tools by plasma etchingAlves, Salete Martins; Albano, Wendell; Oliveira, Adilson José de