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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2011Effects of the fault inception angle in fault-induced transientsCosta, Flávio Bezerra; Souza, B.A.; Brito, N. S. D.
Oct-2016Adaptive instantaneous overcurrent relay settings in real brazilian system with distributed generationSouza Júnior, F. C.; Sanca, H. S.; Costa, Flávio Bezerra; Souza, B. A. de
4-Apr-2019A cascade-type hierarchical fuzzy system with additional defuzzification of layers for the automatic power quality diagnosisNolasco, Diego Habib Santos; Palmeira, Eduardo Silva; Costa, Flávio Bezerra
16-Jul-2018Heightened state-feedback predictive control for DFIG-based wind turbines to enhance its LVRT performanceTaveiros, Filipe Emanuel Vieira; Barros, Luciano Sales; Costa, Flávio Bezerra
30-May-2019Wavelet-fuzzy power quality diagnosis system with inference method based on overlap functions: case study in an AC microgridNolasco, Diego H. S.; Costa, Flávio Bezerra; Palmeira, Eduardo Silva; Alves, Denis Keuton; Bedregal, Benjamín Rene Callejas; Rocha, Thiago de Oliveira Alves; Ribeiro, Ricardo Lúcio de Araújo; Silva, Juliano Costa Leal da
18-Mar-2020A wavelet-based hybrid islanding detection system applied for distributed generators interconnected to AC microgridsPaiva, Sâmara Cavalcante; Ribeiro, Ricardo Lúcio de Araujo; Alves, Denis Keuton; Costa, Flávio Bezerra; Rocha, Thiago de Oliveira Alves
27-May-2010Real-time detection of fault-induced transients in transmission linesCosta, Flávio Bezerra; Souza, B.A.; Brito, N. S. D.
Feb-2020Real-time boundary wavelet transform-based DC fault protection system for MTDC gridsSabug Júnior, Lorenzo; Musa, Aysar; Costa, Flávio Bezerra; Monti, Antonello
5-Jun-2018Wavelet-based analysis and detection of traveling waves due to DC faults in LCC HVDC systemsSilva, Daniel Marques da; Costa, Flávio Bezerra; Miranda, Vladimiro; Leite, Helder
18-Dec-2018New methodology for evaluation of non-pilot relay distance protectionCampos, João T. L. S.; Neves, W. L. A.; Costa, Flávio Bezerra; Fernandes Júnior, D.