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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jun-2015Providing an extension of the SCORM standard to support the educational contents project for t-LearningSilva, Francisco Miguel da; Mendes Neto, Francisco Milton; Burlamaqui, Aquiles Medeiros Filgueira; Demoly, Karla Rosane do Amaral; Pinto, João Phellipe de Freitas
2015A Symbolic model for timed concurrent constraint programmingArias, Jaime; Guzman, Michell; Vega, Carlos Alberto Olarte
2015Verification of spatial and temporal modalities in biochemical systemsFalaschi, Moreno; Hermith, Diana; Chiarugi, Davide; Vega, Carlos Alberto Olarte
2015Modelling non-Markovian dynamics in biochemical reactionsChiarugi, Davide; Falaschi, Moreno; Hermith, Diana; Vega, Carlos Alberto Olarte; Torella, Luca
2015Proving concurrent constraint programming correct, revisitedVega, Carlos Alberto Olarte; Pimentel, Elaine Gouvea
2015Subexponential concurrent constraint programmingPimentel, Elaine Gouvea; Nigam, Vivek; Vega, Carlos Alberto Olarte
14-Jul-2015Back-to-back converter state-feedback control of DFIG (doubly-fed induction generator)-based wind turbinesTaveiros, Filipe Emanuel Vieira; Barros, Luciano Sales; Costa, Flávio Bezerra
28-Aug-2015A sliding-mode voltage regulator for salient pole synchronous generatorRibeiro, Ricardo Lúcio de Araújo; Sousa Neto, Cecílio Martins de; Costa, Flávio Bezerra; Rocha, Thiago de Oliveira Alves; Barreto, Rodrigo Lopes
16-Feb-2015Causal structure and birefringence in nonlinear electrodynamicsMedeiros, Léo Gouvêa; Melo, C.A.M.; Pompeia, P.J.
24-Feb-2015Observational constraints on a phenomenological f (R,∂ R)-modelMedeiros, Léo Gouvêa; Melo, C.A.M.; Cuzinatto, R.R.; Pompeia, P.J.