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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-May-2020Experimental violation of n-locality in a star quantum networkPoderini, Davide; Agresti, Iris; Marchese, Guglielmo; Polino, Emanuele; Giordani, Taira; Suprano, Alessia; Valeri, Mauro; Milani, Giorgio; Spagnolo, Nicolò; Carvacho, Gonzalo; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Sciarrino, Fábio
27-May-2020Device-independent secret sharing and a stronger form of Bell nonlocalityMoreno, M. G. M.; Brito, Samuraí Gomes de Aguiar; Nery, R.V.; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
27-May-2020Statistical properties of the quantum internetBrito, Samuraí Gomes de Aguiar; Silva, Askery Alexandre Canabarro Barbosa da; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Cavalcanti, Daniel
16-Mar-2017Experimental violation of local causality in a quantum networkCarvacho, Gonzalo; Andreoli, Francesco; Santodonato, Luca; Bentivegna, Marco; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Sciarrino, Fábio
3-Oct-2019Bounding the sets of classical and quantum correlations in networksPozas-Kerstjens, Alejandro; Rabelo, Rafael; Rudnicki, Łukasz; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Cavalcanti, Daniel; Navascu´es, Miguel; Acín, Antonio