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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Mar-2017Physiology and assessment as low-hanging fruit for education overhaulRibeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes; Mota, Natalia; Fernandes, Valter R.; Deslandes, Andrea Camaz; Brockington, Guilherme; Copelli, Mauro
21-Aug-2018Post-class naps boost declarative learning in a naturalistic school settingCabral, Thiago; Mota, Natália B.; Fraga, Lucia; Copelli, Mauro; McDaniel, Mark A.; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes
21-Apr-2014Undersampled Critical Branching Processes on Small-World and Random Networks Fail to Reproduce the Statistics of Spike AvalanchesRibeiro, Tiago; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes; Belchior, Hindiael; Caixeta, Fábio; Copelli, Mauro
Nov-2016Rumo ao cultivo ecológico da menteRibeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes; Mota, Natalia; Copelli, Mauro
2016The ontogeny of discourse structure mimics the development of literatureMota, Natália B.; Pinheiro, Sylvia; Sigman, Mariano; Slezak, Diego Fernandez; Cecchi, Guillermo; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes
2-Aug-2016A Naturalistic Assessment of the Organization of Children’s Memories Predicts Cognitive Functioning and Reading AbilityMota, Natália Bezerra; Weissheimer, Janaína; Madruga, Beatriz; Adamy, Nery; Bunge, Silvia A.; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes
13-Apr-2017Thought disorder measured as random speech structure classifies negative symptoms and schizophrenia diagnosis 6 months in advanceMota, Natália B.; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes
17-Jun-2014Graph analysis of verbal fluency test discriminate between patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment and normal elderly controlsBertola, Laiss; Mota, Natalia Bezerra; Copelli, Mauro; Rivero, Thiago; Diniz, Breno Satler de Oliveira; Romano-Silva, Marco Aurelio; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes; Malloy-Diniz, Leandro Fernandes
1-Oct-2020The history of writing reflects the effects of education on discourse structure: implications for literacy, orality, psychosis and the axial agePinheiro, Sylvia; Mota, Natália Bezerra; Sigman, Mariano; Fernández-Slezak, Diego; Guerreiro, Antonio; Tófoli, Luís Fernando; Cecchi, Guillermo; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes
Sep-2014Um estudo da evolução da mente e das psicopatologias através da análise de grafos da literaturaPinheiro, Sylvia; Mota, Natália; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes