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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2019On the involvement of BDNF signaling in memory reconsolidationGonzalez, Maria Carolina; Radiske, Andressa; Cammarota, Martín Pablo
2013Functional integrity of the retrosplenial cortex is essential for rapid consolidation and recall of fear memoryKatche, Cynthia; Dorman, Guido; Slipczuk, Leandro; Cammarota, Martín Pablo; Medina, Jorge H.
2014Neonatal handling alters the structure of maternal behavior and affects mother-pup bondingReis, A.R.; Azevedo, M.S. de; Souza, M.A. de; Lutz, M.L.; Alves, M.B.; Izquierdo, I.; Cammarota, Martín Pablo; Silveira, P.P.; Lucion, A.B.
2013Molecular signatures and mechanisms of long-lasting memory consolidation and storageKatche, Cynthia; Cammarota, Martín Pablo; Medina, Jorge H.
2016Lithium activates brain phospholipase A2 and improves memory in rats: implications for Alzheimer's diseaseMury, Fábio B.; Silva, Weber C. da; Barbosa, Nádia R.; Mendes, Camila T.; Bonini, Juliana S.; Sarkis, Jorge Eduardo Souza; Cammarota, Martín Pablo; Izquierdo, Ivan; Gattaz, Wagner F.; Dias‑Neto, Emmanuel
2013Nicotine modulates the long-lasting storage of fear memoryLima, Ramón H.; Radiske, Andressa; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Gonzalez, Maria Carolina; Bevilaqua, Lia Rejane Müller; Rossato, Janine I.; Medina, Jorge H.; Cammarota, Martín Pablo
2015Inactivation of the dorsal hippocampus or the medial prefrontal cortex impairs retrieval but has differential effect on spatial memory reconsolidationRossato, Janine I.; Köhler, Cristiano A.; Radiske, Andressa; Bevilaqua, Lia Rejane Müller; Cammarota, Martín Pablo
2013Decreased acetylcholine release delays the consolidation of object recognition memoryJaeger, Xavier De; Cammarota, Martín Pablo; Prado, Marco A.M.; Izquierdo, Iván; Prado, Vania F.; Pereira, Grace S.
13-Jul-2020Cross-frequency phase-amplitude coupling between hippocampal theta and gamma oscillations during recall destabilizes memory and renders it susceptible to reconsolidation disruptionRadiske, Andressa; Gonzalez, Maria Carolina; Ocazionez, Sergio Andrés Conde; Rossato, Janine Inez; Köhler, Cristiano André; Cammarota, Martín Pablo
12-Nov-2019Recognition memory reconsolidation requires hippocampal Zif268Gonzalez, Maria Carolina; Rossato, Janine I.; Radiske, Andressa; Reis, Marina Pádua; Cammarota, Martín Pablo