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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2017Motion contrast in primary visual cortex: a direct comparison of single neuron and population encodingConde-Ocazionez, Sergio A.; Altavini, Tiago S.; Wunderle, Thomas; Schmidt, Kerstin Erika
21-Apr-2012Differential roles of the dorsal hippocampal regions in the acquisition of spatial and temporal aspects of episodic-like memoryBarbosa, Flávio Freitas; Pontes, Isabella Maria de Oliveira; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes; Ribeiro, Alessandra Mussi; Silva, Regina Helena
2013Consolidation of Object Recognition Memory Requires HRI Kinase-Dependent Phosphorylation of eIF2a in the HippocampusILL-Raga, Gerard; Kohler, Cristiano; Radiske, Andressa; Lima, Ramón H.; Rosen, Mark D.; Muñoz, Francisco J.; Cammarota, Martín Pablo
21-Sep-2017The interpretation of dream meaning: Resolving ambiguity using Latent Semantic Analysis in a small corpus of textAltszyler, E; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes; Sigman, M; Fernández Slezak, D
1-Sep-2014Beta2 oscillations (23–30 Hz) in the mouse hippocampus during novel object recognitionFranc a, Arthur S. C.; Nascimento, George Carlos do; Lopes-dos-Santos, Vıtor; Muratori, Larissa; Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes; Soares, Bruno Lobão; Tort, Adriano Bretanha Lopes
2-Mar-2015Molecular, Neurochemical, and Behavioral Hallmarks of Reserpine as a Model for Parkinson’s Disease: New Perspectives to a Long-Standing ModelLeão, Anderson H.F.F.; Sarmento-Silva, Aldair J.; Santos, José R.; Ribeiro, Alessandra M.; Silva, Regina H.
16-Feb-2018Lithium modulates the muscarinic facilitation of synaptic plasticity and theta-gamma coupling in the hippocampal-prefrontal pathwayRuggiero, Rafael N.; Rossignoli, Matheus T.; Lopes-Aguiar, Cleiton; Leite, João P.; Bueno-Junior, Lezio S.; Romcy-Pereira, Rodrigo Neves
3-Mar-2019Crosstalk between mitochondria, calcium channels and actin cytoskeleton modulates noradrenergic activity of locus coeruleus neuronsOliveira, Ramatis B. de; Petiz, Lyvia L.; Lim, Rebecca; Lipski, Janusz; Gravina, Fernanda S.; Brichta, Alan M.; Callister, Robert J.; Leão, Richardson Naves; van Helden, Dirk F.
15-Feb-2019Chronic in vivo optogenetic stimulation modulates neuronal excitability, spine morphology, and Hebbian plasticity in the mouse hippocampusMoulin, Thiago C.; Petiz, Lyvia L.; Rayêe, Danielle; Winne, Jessica; Maia, Roberto G.; Cruz, Rafael V. Lima da; Amaral, Olavo B.; Leão, Richardson Naves
Jul-2019Chrna2-OLM interneurons display different membrane properties and h-current magnitude depending on dorsoventral locationHilscher, Markus M.; Nogueira, Ingrid; Mikulovic, Sanja; Kullander, Klas; Leão, Richardson Naves; Leão, Emelie Katarina Svahn