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Title: Similarity between the in vitro activity and toxicity of two different fungizone™ / lipofundin™ admixtures
Other Titles: Semelhança entre atividade in vitro e toxicidade de duas diferentes misturas de fungizoneä / lipofundinä
Authors: Araújo, Ivonete Batista
Brito, C. Ramon N.
Urbano, Isabel A.
Dominici, Victor A.
Silva Filho, Miguel A.
Silveira, Walteçá L. L.
Damasceno, Bolívar P. G. L.
Medeiros, Aldo Cunha
Egito, E. Sócrates T.
Keywords: Fungizon™;Lipofundin™;amphotericin B;Fungal infection;Drug delivery;Red Blood Cells
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: ARAÚJO, Ivonete Batista ; BRITO, C. Ramon N. ; URBANO, Isabel A. ; SILVA FILHO, Miguel A. ; SILVEIRA, Walteçá L. L. ; DAMASCENO, Bolívar P. G. L. ; MEDEIROS, Aldo Cunha. Similarity between the in vitro activity and toxicity of two different fungizone™ / lipofundin™ admixtures. Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira, v. 20, p. 129-133, 2005. Suplemento n.1. Disponível em:> Acesso em: 27 set. 2013
Abstract: Amphotericin B (AmB), an antifungal agent that presents a broad spectrum of activity, remains the gold standard in the antifungal therapy. However, sometimes the high level of toxicity forbids its clinical use. The aim of this work was to evaluate and compare the efficacy and toxicity in vitro of Fungizon™ (AmB-D) and two new different AmB formulations. Methods: three products were studied: Fungizon™, and two Fungizon™ /Lipofundin™ admixtures, which were diluted through two methods: in the first one, Fungizon™ was previously diluted with water for injection and then, in Lipofundin™ (AmB-DAL); the second method consisted of a primary dilution of AmB-D as a powder in the referred emulsion (AmB-DL). For the in vitro assay, two cell models were used: Red Blood Cells (RBC) from human donors and Candida tropicallis (Ct). The in vitro evaluation (K+ leakage, hemoglobin leakage and cell survival rate-CSR) was performed at four AmB concentrations (from 50 to 0.05mg.L-1). Results: The results showed that the action of AmB was not only concentration dependent, but also cellular type and vehicle kind dependent. At AmB concentrations of 50 mg.L-1, although the hemoglobin leakage for AmB-D was almost complete (99.51), for AmB-DAL and AmB-DL this value tended to zero. The p = 0.000 showed that AmB-D was significantly more hemolytic. Conclusion: The Fungizon™- Lipofundin™ admixtures seem to be the more valuable AmB carrier systems due to their best therapeutic index presented
ISSN: 1678-2674
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