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Title: Comparative study between the effects of hyaluronic acid and acid galactan purified from eggs of the mollusk Pomacea sp in wound healing
Other Titles: Estudo comparativo entre os efeitos do ácido hialurônico e do galactano acídico purificado dos ovos do molusco Pomacea sp na cicatrização de feridas
Authors: Cruz, Ana Katarina Menezes da
Pereira, Wogelsanger Oliveira
Santos, Elizeu Antunes dos
Carvalho, Maria Goretti Freire
Medeiros, Aldo da Cunha
Oliveira, Fernanda Wanderley de
Keywords: Acid galactan;Hyaluronic acid;Pomacea sp;Glycosaminoglycans
Issue Date: 2004
Citation: CRUZ, Ana Katarina Menezes da ; PEREIRA, Wogelsanger Oliveira ; SANTOS, Elizeu Antunes dos ; CARVALHO, Maria Goretti Freire ; MEDEIROS, Aldo da Cunha ; OLIVEIRA, Fernanda Wanderley de. Comparative study between the effects of hyaluronic acid and acid galactan purified from eggs of the mollusk Pomacea sp in wound healing. Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira , São Paulo, Brasil, v. 19, n.1, p. 13-17, 2004. Disponível em:<> Acesso em: 01 out. 2013
Abstract: To compare the effect of hyaluronic acid (HA) and of AG on the healing of intestine wounds. Methods: The semi-purified extract of the eggs of the mollusc was obtained by fractionation with ammonium sulfate and purification for ion-exchange chromatography. The obtained galactans were eluted in water (neutral galactan) and in 0.1 and 0.2M NaCl (acidic galactans). The in vivo study was performed with 45 “Wistar” rats, separated in three groups (n=15). Solutions containing HA 1%, GA 1% or saline solution 0,9%, was placed topically on the sutures of wounds in the small intestine of the rats. After 05, 10 and 21 days the animals were sacrificed and biopsy of the healing tissue was done. Results: The hystologic grading was more significant for HA and AG groups when compared to the group C. AG stimulated the appearance of macrophages, giant cells and increase in the concentration of collagen in the area of the wound when compared to HA. Conclusion: The topical use of GA in intestinal wounds promoted the anticipation of events that are important in the wound healing
ISSN: 1678-2674
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