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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Dec-2013Dynamical downscaling of the precipitation in Northeast Brazil with a regional climate model during contrasting yearsSilva, Cláudio Moisés Santos e; Silva, A.; Oliveira, Priscilla Teles de; Lima, Kellen Carla
15-Mar-2016Regional climate simulations of the changes in the components of the moisture budget over South AmericaCoutinho, Maytê Duarte Leal; Lima, Kellen Carla; Silva, Cláudio Moisés Santos e
23-Dec-2013Linear trend of occurrence and intensity of heavy rainfall events on Northeast BrazilOliveira, Priscilla Teles de; Silva, Cláudio Moisés Santos e; Lima, Kellen Carla
2017Data imputation analysis for Cosmic Rays time seriesFernandes, Ronabson Cardoso; Lúcio, Paulo Sérgio; Fernandez, José Henrique
15-Jun-2020Environmental and biophysical controls of evapotranspiration from Seasonally Dry Tropical Forests (Caatinga) in the Brazilian SemiaridMarques, Thiago Valentim; Mendes, Keila; Mutti, Pedro Rodrigues; Medeiros, Salomão de Sousa; Silva, Lindenberg L.; Peréz-Marin, Aldrin Martin; Campos, Suany; Lúcio, Paulo Sérgio; Lima, Kellen Carla; Reis, Jean dos; Ramos, Tarsila M.; Silva, Daniel F.; Oliveira, Cristiano Prestrelo de; Costa, Gabriel Brito; Antonino, Antonio Celso Dantas; Menezes, Rômulo Simões Cezar; Silva, Cláudio Moisés Santos e; Bezerra, Bergson Guedes
2014Langley method applied in study of aerosol optical depth in the Brazilian semiarid region using 500, 670 and 870 nm bands for sun photometer calibrationCerqueira Júnior, J.G.; Fernandez, José Henrique; Hoelzemann, Judith Johanna; Leme, Neusa Maria Paes; Sousa, Cristina T.