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Title: Vector electronystagmography analysis in elderly individuals with dizziness complaint
Authors: Ferreira, Lidiane Maria de Brito Macedo
Ribeiro, Karyna Mirelly Oliveira Bezerra de Figueiredo
Pestana, André
Ribeiro, Arthur Jorge de Vasconcelos
Lima, Kenio Costa de
Keywords: Aged;Dizziness;Medical examination
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: FERREIRA, Lidiane Maria de Brito Macedo et al. Vector electronystagmography analysis in elderly individuals with dizziness complaint. International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology, v. 17, n. 4, p. 380-382, 2013.
Portuguese Abstract: Introduction Vector electronystagmography is widely used to evaluate vestibular function; however, elderly patients may show changes not due to vestibular disorders. Aim This study aims to characterize vector electronystagmography tests in the elderly participants in a service station of the Brazilian public health system, the Unified Health System (SUS) in the city of Natal, who presented with dizziness. Methods A cross-sectional and clinical study to characterize the vector electronystagmography in 10 members of an elderly SUS referral center located in the city of Natal with dizziness. Results Of 10 patients interviewed, 9 were women, and just 1 was a man. All complained of dizziness in the last year, and most of them had more than one type of dizziness. The main differential diagnosis was benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Regarding vector electronystagmography, we found 20% of patients with semispontaneous nystagmus in at least one direction and changes in saccades latency in 100% of patients, with 20% in relation to the accuracy of pendular tracking changes at the frequency of 0.2 Hz, 10% at 0.4 Hz, and 80% at 0.8 Hz, and 10% change in optokinetic gain. No patient had altered caloric test. Conclusion Vector electronystagmography alterations in the elderly do not always indicate disease.
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