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Title: Theta Phase Modulates Multiple Layer-Specific Oscillations in the CA1 Region
Authors: Robson Scheffer-Teixeira
Hindiael Belchior
Fábio V. Caixeta
Bryan C. Souza
Ribeiro, Sidarta Tollendal Gomes
Tort, Adriano Bretanha Lopes
Keywords: amplitude modulation;cross-frequency coupling;gamma;hippocampal oscillations;local field potential
Issue Date: Oct-2012
Portuguese Abstract: It was recently proposed that fast gamma oscillations (60--150 Hz) convey spatial information from the medial entorhinal cortex (EC) to the CA1 region of the hippocampus. However, here we describe 2 functionally distinct oscillations within this frequency range, both coupled to the theta rhythm during active exploration and rapid eye movement sleep: an oscillation with peak activity at ~80 Hz and a faster oscillation centered at ~140 Hz. The 2 oscillations are differentially modulated by the phase of theta depending on the CA1 layer; theta-80 Hz coupling is strongest at stratum lacunosum-- moleculare, while theta-140 Hz coupling is strongest at stratum oriens--alveus. This laminar profile suggests that the ~80 Hz oscillation originates from EC inputs to deeper CA1 layers, while the ~140 Hz oscillation reflects CA1 activity in superficial layers. We further show that the ~140 Hz oscillation differs from sharp wave--associated ripple oscillations in several key characteristics. Our results demonstrate the existence of novel theta--associated high-frequency oscillations and suggest a redefinition of fast gamma oscillations.
ISSN: 1047-3211
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