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Title: Anais do evento New trends in high energy physics and QCD
Authors: Ducati, M. Beatriz G. (Org.)
Jenkovszky, László (Org.)
Melnikov, Dmitry (Org.)
Navarra, Fernando S. (Org.)
Royon, Christophe (Org.)
Keywords: Física;High energy physics;Cromodinâmica quântica
Issue Date: 14-Nov-2017
Citation: NEW TRENDS IN HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS AND QCD, 1., 2016, Natal. Anais do evento "New trends in high energy physics and QCD". Natal: EDUFRN, 2016. 259 p.
Portuguese Abstract: Anais do evento "New trends in high energy physics and QCD", organizado pelo Instituto Internacional de Física 21 de outubro a 6 de novembro de 2014
ISBN: 978-85-425-0697-6
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