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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2018Zeolite synthesis in basic media using expanded perlite and its application in Rhodamine B adsorptionPergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã; Silva Filho, Severino H. da; Vinaches, Paloma
20-Apr-2015Cobalt-catalyzed fischer–tropsch synthesis: chemical nature of the oxide support as a performance descriptorPrieto, Gonzalo; Mello, Mariele I. S. de; Concepción, Patricia; Murciano, Raúl; Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã; Martı́nez, Agustı́n
Mar-2015Heterogeneous complexes of nickel MCM-41 with β-diimine ligands: applications in olefin oligomerizationRossetto, Enéderson; Nicola, Bruna Pes; Souza, Roberto Fernando de; Bernardo-Gusmão, Katia; Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã
5-Aug-2015Anchoring via covalent binding of β-diimine-nickel complexes in SBA-15 and its application in catalytic reactionsRossetto, Enéderson; Nicola, Bruna Pes; Souza, Roberto Fernando de; Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã; Gusmão, Katia Bernardo
Dec-2015Cl-mediated electrochemical oxidation for treating an effluent using platinum and diamond anodesMoura, Dayanne Chianca de; Brito, Chrystiane do Nascimento; Quiroz, Marco Antonio; Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã; Martinez-Huitle, Carlos A.
1-Jan-2015Pillaring of bentonite clay with Al and CoBertella, Francine; Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã
1-Feb-2015Modification of Activated Carbon for the Adsorption of Humic AcidEustáquio, H. M. B.; Lopes, Christian W.; Rocha, Rafael S. da; Cardoso, Brena D.; Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã
6-Jan-2010Effect of textural characteristics of supported metallocenes on ethylene polymerizationSilveira, Fernando; Brambilla, Rodrigo; Silveira, Nadya Pesce da; Alves, Maria do Carmo Martins; Stedile, Fernanda C.; Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã; Santos, João Henrique Zimnoch dos
1-Sep-2015TiO2-TON zeolite synthesis using an ionic liquid as a structure-directing agentLopes, Christian Wittee; Finger, Pedro Henrick; Mignoni, Marcelo Luis; Emmerich, Daniel J.; Mendes, Fabiana Magalhães Teixeira; Amorim, Stefany; Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã
1-Feb-2010Nickel oligomerization catalysts heterogenized on zeolites obtained using ionic liquids as templatesMignoni, Marcelo Luis; Souza, Michèle Oberson de; Pergher, Sibele Berenice Castellã; Souza, Roberto Fernando de; Bernardo-Gusmão, Katia