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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2014The onset of data-driven mental archeologyRibeiro, Sidarta
2016The ontogeny of discourse structure mimics the development of literatureMota, Natália B.; Pinheiro, Sylvia; Sigman, Mariano; Slezak, Diego Fernandez; Cecchi, Guillermo; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta
18-Feb-2015The Psychedelic State Induced by Ayahuasca Modulates the Activity and Connectivity of the Default Mode NetworkPalhano-Fontes, Fernanda; Andrade, Katia C.; Tofoli, Luis F.; Santos, Antonio C.; Crippa, Jose Alexandre S.; Hallak, Jaime E. C.; Ribeiro, Sidarta; Araujo, Draulio B. de
13-Apr-2017Thought disorder measured as random speech structure classifies negative symptoms and schizophrenia diagnosis 6 months in advanceMota, Natália B.; Copelli, Mauro; Ribeiro, Sidarta
21-Apr-2014Undersampled Critical Branching Processes on Small-World and Random Networks Fail to Reproduce the Statistics of Spike AvalanchesRibeiro, Tiago; Ribeiro, Sidarta; Belchior, Hindiael; Caixeta, Fábio; Copelli, Mauro
Sep-2014Visual Perception and Imagery Adaptation effects modulated by AyahuascaAndrade, Katia; Zimmermann, Tallita de Souza; ­Fontes, Fernanda Palhano­; Ribeiro, Sidarta; de Araujo, Draulio Barros
29-Apr-2018Whole organisms or pure compounds? entourage effect versus drug specificityRibeiro, Sidarta
Sep-2010Yoga practice improve psychophysiological parameters related to anxiety, depression and stressRocha, Kliger; Rocha, Kelly; Albuquerque, Fabiola; Ribeiro, Sidarta; Sousa, Maria Bernardete; Silva, Regina Helena