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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2015Mesoscopic Patterns of Neural Activity Support Songbird Cortical SequencesMarkowitz, Jeffrey E.; Liberti III, William A.; Guitchounts, Grigori; Velho, Tarciso; Lois, Carlos; Gardner, Timothy J.
2016Monitoring cell-cell contacts in vivo in transgenic animalsHuang, Ting-Hao; Velho, Tarciso; Lois, Carlos
Oct-2016Unstable neurons underlie a stable learned behaviorLiberti III, William A; Markowitz, Jeffrey E; Perkins, L Nathan; Liberti, Derek C; Leman, Daniel P; Guitchounts, Grigori; Velho, Tarciso; Kotton, Darrell N; Lois, Carlos; Gardner, Timothy J