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2013An Updated Midline Rule: Visual Callosal Connections Anticipate Shape and Motion in Ongoing Activity across the HemispheresPeiker, Christiane; Wunderle, Thomas; Eriksson, David; Schmidt, Anne; Schmidt, Kerstin E.
16-Abr-2018Callosal influence on visual receptive fields has an ocular, an orientation-and direction biasConde-Ocazionez, Sergio A.; Jungen, Christiane; Wunderle, Thomas; Eriksson, David; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Schmidt, Kerstin E.
20-Mai-2015Input and Output Gain Modulation by the Lateral Interhemispheric Network in Early Visual CortexWunderle, Thomas; Eriksson, David; Peiker, Christiane; Schmidt, Kerstin E.
Nov-2017Motion contrast in primary visual cortex: a direct comparison of single neuron and population encodingConde-Ocazionez, Sergio A.; Altavini, Tiago S.; Wunderle, Thomas; Schmidt, Kerstin E.
2-Abr-2012Multiplicative Mechanism of Lateral Interactions Revealed by Controlling Interhemispheric InputWunderle, Thomas; Eriksson, David; E. Schmidt, Kerstin
19-Set-2016Selective interhemispheric circuits account for a cardinal bias in spontaneous activity within early visual areasAltavini, Tiago Siebert; Ocazionez, Sergio Andres Conde; Eriksson, David; Wunderle, Thomas; Schmidt, Kerstin Erika
25-Abr-2012Visual cortex combines a stimulus and an error-like signal with a proportion that is dependent on time, space, and stimulus contrastEriksson, David; Wunderle, Thomas; Schmidt, Kerstin