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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1986Modelling the raman spectrum of the amorphous- crystal Si systemCarriço, Arthur da Silva; Barrio, R. A.; Elliot, R. J.
15-Jul-1986Effects of electron-electron correlations on defect and interface states in amorphous Si and Si02 systemsCarriço, Arthur da Silva; Barrio, R. A.; Elliot, R. J.
15-Jul-1986Model of electronic states at the Si-Si02 interfaceCarriço, Arthur da Silva; Barrio, R. A.; Elliot, R. J.
1989Influence of nonlinearities on the pass band structure of magnetic superlatticesCarriço, Arthur da Silva; Almeida, N. S.
1982Low - temperature interface specific heat due to localized modesCarriço, Arthur da Silva; Albuquerque, E. L.
24-Mar-2011Giant magnetocaloric effect of thin Ho filmsCarriço, Arthur da Silva; Medeiros Filho, F. C.; Mello, V. D.; Dantas, A. L.; Salles, F. H. S.
Jul-1991Vibrational spectrum of vicinal surfaces.Carriço, Arthur da Silva; Nogueira Junior, Edvaldo
29-Aug-2012Surface spin slips in thin holmium filmsCarriço, Arthur da Silva; Salles, F. H. S.; Dantas, A. L.
2-Oct-2012Ferromagnetic resonance of compensated ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic bilayersCarriço, Arthur da Silva; Dantas, Ana L.; Oliveira, L. L.; Silva, M. L.
1989Transfer matrix approach to metal surfaces vibrationsCarriço, Arthur da Silva