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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006CNO in evolved intermediate mass starSmiljanic, R.; Barbuy, B.; Medeiros, José Renan de; Maeder, A.
2006Basic physical parameters of a selected sample of evolved starsSilva, L. da; Girardi, L.; Pasquini, L.; Setiawan, J.; Lühe, O. von der; Medeiros, José Renan de; Hatzes, A.; Döllinger, M. P.; Weiss, A.
2014A catalog of rotational and radial velocities for evolved starsMedeiros, José Renan de; Alves, S.; Udry, S.; Andersen, J.; Nordström, B.; Mayor, M.
2006Lithium abundances for early F stars: new observational constraints for the Li dilutionJasniewicz, G.; Recio-Blanco, A.; Laverny, P. de; Parthasarathy, M.; Medeiros, José Renan de
4-May-2006Fundamental parameters of Be stars located in the seismology fields of COROTFrémat, Y.; Neiner, C.; Floquet, M.; Zorec, J.; Janot-Pacheco, E.; Medeiros, José Renan de
31-Jul-2006The circumstellar envelope of IRC+10216 from milli-arcsecond to arcmin scalesLeão, I. C.; Laverny, P.; Mékarnia, D.; Medeiros, José Renan de; Vandame, B.
2006Lithium abundances and rotational behavior for bright giant starsLèbre, A.; Laverny, P. de; Nascimento Jr., J. D. do; Medeiros, José Renan de
May-2007A snapshot of the inner dusty regions of a R CrB-type variableLeão, I. C.; Laverny, P. de; Chesneau, O.; Mékarnia, D.; Medeiros, José Renan de
4-May-2006S1242: a lithium-rich subgiant star in the open cluster M 67Martins, B. L. Canto; Lèbre, A.; Laverny, P. de; Melo, C. H. F.; Nascimento Jr, J. D. do; Richard, O.; Medeiros, José Renan de
Oct-2009Photospheric activity and rotation of the planet-hosting star CoRoT-4aLanza, A. F.; Aigrain, S.; Messina, S.; Leto, G.; Pagano, I.; Auvergne, M.; Baglin, A.; Barge, P.; Bonomo, A. S.; Cameron, A. Collier; Cutispoto, G.; Deleuil, M.; Medeiros, José Renan de; Foing, B.; Moutou, C.