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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2017Mixed two- and four-level experimental designs for interchangeable parts with different degrees of assembly difficultyVivacqua, Carla A.; Ho, Linda Lee; Pinho, André L.S.
11-Apr-2017Breakdown of the Nagaoka phase at finite dopingIvantsov, Ilya; Ferraz Filho, Álvaro; Kochetov, Evgenii
28-Nov-2017Itinerant-localized model of strongly correlated electrons: Fermi surface reconstructionIvantsov, Ilya; Ferraz Filho, Álvaro; Kochetov, Evgenii
20-Mar-2017Superconductor-antiferromagnet-superconductor π Josephson junction based on an antiferromagnetic barrierBulaevskii, Lev; Eneias, Ronivon; Ferraz Filho, Álvaro
Jun-2017CP1|1 nonlinear sigma model vs strong electron correlationsKochetov, Evgueny A.; Ferraz Filho, Álvaro
17-Nov-2017Half-metal phases in a quantum wire with modulated spin-orbit interactionCabra, D. C.; Rossini, G. L.; Ferraz Filho, Álvaro; Japaridze, G. I.; Johannesson, H.
5-Dec-2017Excitations of interface pinned domain walls in constrained geometriesCarriço, Artur da Silva; Dantas, Ana Lucia; Martins, S. M. S. B.; Oliveira, L. L.; Rebouças, G. O. G.
Jan-2017Oxacillin magnetically targeted for the treatment of Methicillin-Resistant S. aureus infection in ratsCarriço, Artur da Silva; Carvalho, Juliana Fernandes; Azevedo, Ítalo Medeiros; Rocha, Keyla Borges Ferreira; Medeiros, Aldo Cunha
28-Aug-2017A modified CoRoT detrend algorithm and the discovery of a new planetary companionBoufleur, Rodrigo C.; Emilio, Marcelo; Pacheco, Eduardo Janot; Andrade, Laerte; Mello, Sylvio Ferraz; Nascimento Júnior, José Dias do; de la Reza, Ramiro
2-Feb-2017Lithium abundance and rotation of seismic solar analogues: solar and stellar connection from Kepler and Hermes observationsBeck, P. G.; Nascimento Júnior, José Dias do; Duarte, T.; Salabert, D.; Tkachenko, A.; Mathis, S.; Marthur, S.; García, R. A.; Castro, M.; Pallé, P. L.; Egeland, R.; Montes, D.; Creevey, O.; Andersen, M F.; Kamath, D.; van Winckel, H.