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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Dec-2010Eficiência, gestão e meio ambiente na carcinicultura do Rio Grande do NorteSilva, Jorge Luiz Mariano da; Sampaio, Luciano Menezes Bezerra
11-Jun-2016Gradient and likelihood ratio tests in cure rate modelsCarneiro, Hérica P. A; Valença, Dione M.
2014Prediction of failure probability of oil wellsCarvalho, João B.; Valença, Dione M.; Singer, Julio M.
2013State space models with spatial deformationMorales, Fidel Ernesto Castro; Gamerman, Dani; Paez, Marina Silva
Oct-2014Mdscore: an R package to compute improved score tests in generalized linear modelsSilva-Júnior, Antonio Hermes M. da; Silva, Damião Nóbrega da; Ferrari, Silvia L. P.
Apr-2014Testing inference in accelerated failure time modelsMedeiros, Francisco M. C.; Silva-Júnior, Antônio H. M. da; Valença, Dione M.; Ferrari, Silvia L. P.
Jun-2004Properties of the weighting cell estimator under a nonparametric response mechanismSilva, Damião Nóbrega da; Opsomer, Jean D.
2016Pedagogical Usability: a theoritical essay for e-learningSales Júnior, F. M.; Ramos, M. A. S.; Pinho, A. L. S.; Santa Rosa, J. G.
Mar-2016Use of a Bayesian hierarchical model to study the allometric scaling of the fetoplacental weight ratioMorales, Fidel Ernesto Castro; Medeiros, Anna Cecília Queiroz de
26-Mar-2015Analysis of augmented unreplicated factorial designs repeated in TimeVivacqua, Carla A.; Pinho, André Luís Santos de; Ho, Linda Lee