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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2018Mutation detection in tumor-derived cell free DNA anticipates progression in a patient with metastatic colorectal cancerBarros, Bruna D. de Figueiredo; Kupper, Bruna E. C.; Aguiar Junior, Samuel; Mello, Celso A. L. de; Begnam, Maria D.; Chojniak, Rubens; Souza, Sandro J. de; Torrezan, Giovana T.; Carraro, Dirce M.
Feb-2013Modeling tumor evolutionary dynamicsStransky, Beatriz; Souza, Sandro J. de
17-Feb-2016A New Approach for Identifcation of Cancer-related Pathways using Protein Networks and Genomic DataFonseca, André; Gubitoso, Marco D.; Reis, Marcelo S.; Souza, Sandro J. de; Barrera, Junior
24-Jan-2013Gene Copy-Number Polymorphism Caused by Retrotransposition in HumansSchrider, Daniel R.; Navarro, Fabio C. P.; Galante, Pedro A. F.; Parmigiani, Raphael B.; Camargo, Anamaria A.; Hahn, Matthew W.; Souza, Sandro J. de
2015Populational landscape of INDELs affecting transcription factor-binding sites in humansRibeiro-dos-Santos, André M.; Silva, Vandeclécio L. da; Souza, Jorge E.S. de; Souza, Sandro J. de
2012Domain shuffling and the increasing complexity of biological networksSouza, Sandro J. de
13-Apr-2016A genetic network that suppresses genome rearrangements in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and contains defects in cancersPutnam, Christopher D.; Srivatsan, Anjana; Nene, Rahul V.; Martinez, Sandra L.; Clotfelter, Sarah P.; Bell, Sara N.; Somach, Steven B.; Souza, Jorge E.S. de; Fonseca, André F.; Souza, Sandro J. de; Kolodner, Richard D.
18-Oct-2016Bioinformatics Analysis of the Human Surfaceome Reveals New Targets for a Variety of Tumor TypesFonseca, André L.; Silva, Vandeclécio L. da; Fonsêca, Marbella M. da; Meira, Isabella T. J.; Silva, Thayná E. da; Kroll, José E.; Ribeiro-dos-Santos, André M.; Freitas, Cléber R.; Furtado, Raimundo; Souza, Jorge E. de; Stransky, Beatriz; Souza, Sandro J. de
2013Testing for Natural Selection in Human Exonic Splicing Regulators Associated with Evolutionary Rate ShiftsRamalho, Rodrigo F.; Gelfman, Sahar; Souza, Jorge E. de; Ast, Gil; Souza, Sandro J. de; Meyer, Diogo
13-Nov-2014Identifcation of rare alternative splicing events in MS/MS data reveals a signifcant fraction of alternative translation initiation sitesKroll, Jose E.; Souza, Sandro J. de; Souza, Gustavo A. de