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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Sep-2011Sleep and plasticityRibeiro, Sidarta
2011Persistent pusher behavior after a strokeSantos-Pontelli, Taiza Elaine Grespan; Pontes-Neto, Octavio Marques; Araujo, Draulio Barros de; Santos, Antonio Carlos dos; Leite, João Pereira
2011Continuous live imaging of adult neural stem cell division and lineage progression in vitroCosta, Marcos R.; Ortega, Felipe; Brill, Monika S.; Beckervordersandforth, Ruth; Petrone, Ciro; Schroeder, Timm; Götz, Magdalena; Berninger, Benedikt
3-Nov-2011Using an adherent cell culture of the mouse subependymal zone to study the behavior of adult neural stem cells on a single-cell levelOrtega, Felipe; Costa, Marcos R; Simon-Ebert, Tatiana; Schroeder, Timm; Götz, Magdalena
12-Jul-2011A linear model of phase-dependent power correlations in neuronal oscillationsEriksson, David; Vicente, Raul; Schmidt, Kerstin
2011Arterial Spin Labeling Measurements of Cerebral Perfusion Territories in Experimental Ischemic StrokeLeoni, Renata F.; Paiva, Fernando F.; Kang, Byeong-Teck; Henning, Erica C.; Nascimento, George C.; Tannús, Alberto; Araujo, Draulio B. de; Silva, Afonso C.
2-Nov-2011Gamma Responses Correlate with Temporal Expectation in Monkey Primary Visual CortexLima, Bruss; Singer, Wolf; Neuenschwander, Sergio
25-Jul-2011In vivo photorelease of GABA in the mouse cortexLopes-dos-Santos, V.; Campi, J.; Filevich, O.; Ribeiro, S.; Etchenique, R.
2011A new look at gamma? High- (>60 Hz) g-band activity in cortical networks: Function, mechanisms and impairmentUhlhaas, Peter J.; Pipa, Gordon; Neuenschwander, Sergio; Wibral, Michael; Singer, Wolf
Jul-2011Medial septal dysfunction by ABeta-induced KCNQ channel-block in glutamatergic neuronsRichardson N. Leão; Luis V. Colom; Lotta Borgius; Ole Kiehn; André Fisahn