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Título: The effect of eavesdropping on intrasexual interaction in male fiddler crab, uca maracoani (Latreille 1802-1803, decapoda, ocypodidae)
Autor(es): Santos, Luana Carla dos
Freire, Fúlvio Aurélio de Morais
Luchiari, Ana Carolina
Palavras-chave: Interaction;Aggression;Audience;Communication;Fiddler crab
Data do documento: 21-Set-2016
Editor: Springer
Referência: SANTOS, Luana Carla dos; FREIRE, Fúlvio Aurélio de Morais; LUCHIARI, Ana Carolina. The effect of audience on intrasexual interaction in the male fiddler crab, uca maracoani (Latreille 1802–1803, decapoda, ocypodidae). Journal of Ethology, v. 10, p. 10-11, 2016. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 16 out. 2017.
Resumo: Animal communication occurring in wide networks can involve signals sent to several receivers. The animals composing the audience may affect how individuals display during an interaction and may change the message that is sent. In this study, we investigated whether the presence of a conspecific affected the intensity of agonistic interaction between male fiddler crabs, Uca maracoani. Pairs of males of the same size were observed when in the presence of a male, a female or no crab as audience. We found that if there is a female audience, males became more aggressive and interacted the most. Also, the female audience leads to an increase in incidence of male foaming, possibly indicating predisposition for mating. If the audience was a male or if there was no audience, there was no significant difference in interaction. These results indicate that the presence of an audience affects the way male fiddler crabs interact and the type of displays they show. Therefore, the context seems to guide the fiddler crab behavior in terms of how they perform in order to send information about themselves to conspecifics
ISSN: 0289-0771
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