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dc.contributor.authorBarros, Edilson Melo de-
dc.contributor.authorBurlamaqui, Aquiles Medeiros Filgueira-
dc.contributor.authorSilva, Igor Rosberg de Medeiros-
dc.contributor.authorMedeiros, Igor Rosberg de-
dc.contributor.authorMedeiros, Henrique Rocha de-
dc.contributor.authorFlorentino, Davidson Rogério de Medeiros-
dc.identifier.citationBULAMARQUI, Aquiles M. F.; BARROS, Edilson M.B.; SILVA, Igor; CARVALHO, Zulmara V.C.; MEDEIROS, H. R.; FLORENTINO, D. R. M. Proposta de Aplicativo de Segurança Compartilhada para Monitoramento em Comunidades: ESCOLTAP soluções de vigilância. International Journal of Development Research, v. 9, p. 28539-28544, 2019. Disponível em: Acesso em: 27 jul. 2020.pt_BR
dc.publisherInternational Educative Research Foundation and Publisherpt_BR
dc.rightsAttribution 3.0 Brazil*
dc.subjectMobile Apppt_BR
dc.titleProposta de aplicativo de segurança compartilhada para monitoramento em comunidades: escoltap soluções de vigilânciapt_BR
dc.description.resumoInsecurity is a public problem and is commonly present in the population's daily lives. It is notorious that many people seek alternatives to minimize or avoid situations that cause risks to them or their loved ones. Technology proves to be an efficient tool in this scenario, since it assists in diverse situations and in a fast and practical way. The present work aims to ally the technology with the problematic of the lack of security, through the creation of a mobile application, with the purpose of providing the end user with a proposal of help in adverse situations. The application can be used by anyone who has a mobile phone with an Android or IOS operating system. The ultimate goal of the application is to provide clients with a useful alternative so that they can mitigate the problems of personal insecurity on their return home, relying on the support of their family members or contracted services, such as private or street security. For the implementation of the project, tests are in progress, ensuring that all particularities are examined, before feasibility and final disclosure of the applicationpt_BR
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