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dc.contributor.authorSantos, Erivaldo da Silva-
dc.contributor.authorBurlamaqui, Akynara Aglaé Rodrigues Santos da Silva-
dc.contributor.authorBurlamaqui, Aquiles Medeiros Filgueira-
dc.identifier.citationSANTOS, Erivaldo da Silva; BURLAMAQUI, Akynara Aglaé Rodrigues Santos da Silva; BURLAMAQUI, Aquiles Medeiros Filgueira. E-Dialogic: a proposal of a system for the production of dialogic didactic material. International Journal For Innovation Education And Research, [s.l.], v. 7, n. 7, p. 498-512, 31 jul. 2019. International Journal for Innovation Education and Research. Disponível em: Acesso em: 27 jul. 2020.
dc.publisherInternational Educative Research Foundation and Publisherpt_BR
dc.rightsAttribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Brazil*
dc.subjectTechnology-mediated educationpt_BR
dc.subjectProduction of Didactic Materialpt_BR
dc.subjectSoftware Requirements Specificationpt_BR
dc.titleE-Dialogic: a proposal of a system for the production of dialogic didactic materialpt_BR
dc.description.resumoThe present article is the product of a study on the creation of didactic material for education mediated by health-applied technology. The study resulted in the specification of software requirements for the E-Dialogic (Dialogic Didactic Material Production System), a pedagogical solution that allows the content maker to deepen his or her knowledge on the dialogic language, as well as to carry out activities that will aid in the association, construction, and conversion of dialogic texts. In this context, it is sought to provide the information that is necessary for the development of the E-Dialogic, such as purpose, description, attributes, and requirements for the system's implementation, testing, and approval. The construction of the requirements specification document focused on developing a software capable of advising the content maker in the elaboration of the didactic material, thus reducing the production time and providing more interactivity and better quality for the material, since the system will guide the content maker in the didactic-communicational transition process, moving from the scientific text to the interactional-dialogic text perspective. The proposal of this system is the product of a masters research in a university located in the northeast of Brazil. With this work, it is intended to contribute to the elaboration of digital content for instructional and self- instructional courses, thus expanding the possibilities of producing materials that are more dialogic and effective for learningpt_BR
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