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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Patient satisfaction concerning implant-supported prostheses: an observational studyGurgel, Bruno Cesar de Vasconcelos; Pascoal, Ana Luísa de Barros; Souza, Bruno Luiz Menezes de; Dantas, Poliana Medeiros Cunha; Montenegro, Sheyla Christinne Lira; Roncalli, Angelo Giuseppe; Calderon, Patricia dos Santos
2016Satisfaction and Fibromucosa Integrity in Patients Wearing Mandibular Kennedy Class I RPDsDias, Kássia de Carvalho; Resende, Camila Maria Bastos Machado de; Calderon, Patricia dos Santos; Carreiro, Adriana da Fonte Porto
2015Simplified versus traditional techniques for complete denture fabrication: a systematic reviewPaulino, Marcília R.; Gurgel, Bruno Cesar de Vasconcelos; Calderon, Patricia dos Santos; Alves, L. R.