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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Sep-2016Algorithmic independence of initial condition and dynamical law in thermodynamics and causal inferenceJanzing, Dominik; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Schölkopf, Berhnard
20-May-2020Bell nonlocality using tensor networks and sparse recoveryEliëns, Ian Sebastiaan; Brito, S. G. A.; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
27-Jan-2017Bell scenarios with communicationBrask, J. B.; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
3-Oct-2019Bounding the sets of classical and quantum correlations in networksPozas-Kerstjens, Alejandro; Rabelo, Rafael; Rudnicki, Łukasz; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Cavalcanti, Daniel; Navascu´es, Miguel; Acín, Antonio
8-Apr-2017Causal hierarchy of multipartite Bell nonlocalityAraújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Cavalcanti, D.; Aolita, L.
7-May-2018Causal modeling the delayed-choice experimentAraújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Lemos, Gabriela Barreto; Pienaar, Jacques Lavin
7-Nov-2018Computational tools for solving a marginal problem with applications in Bell non-locality and causal modelingGläßle, T.; Gross, D.; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
19-Dec-2018Concentration phenomena in the geometry of Bell correlationsDuarte, Cristhiano; Brito, Samuraí Gomes de Aguiar; Amaral, Barbara; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
30-Jul-2020Data-driven study of the COVID-19 pandemic via age-structured modelling and prediction of the health system failure in Brazil amid diverse intervention strategiesSilva, Askery Alexandre Canabarro Barbosa da; Tenório, Elayne; Martins, Renato; Martins, Laís; Brito, Samuraí Gomes de Aguiar; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
27-May-2020Device-independent secret sharing and a stronger form of Bell nonlocalityMoreno, M. G. M.; Brito, Samuraí Gomes de Aguiar; Nery, R.V.; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto
12-Aug-2019Device-independent test of a delayed choice experimentPolino, Emanuele; Agresti, Iris; Poderini, Davide; Carvacho, Gonzalo; Milani, Giorgio; Lemos, Gabriela Barreto; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Sciarrino, Fabio
8-Sep-2015Device-independent tests of entropyAraújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Brask, Jonatan Bohr; Brunner, Nicolas
1-Nov-2019Enhanced multiqubit phase estimation in noisy environments by local encodingProietti, Massimiliano; Ringbauer, Martin; Graffitti, Francesco; Barrow, Peter; Pickston, Alexander; Kundys, Dmytro; Cavalcanti, Daniel; Aolita, Leandro; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Fedrizzi, Alessandro
13-Jun-2016Entropic nonsignaling correlationsAraújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Budroni, Constantino
9-Jun-2017Experimental bilocality violation without shared reference framesAndreoli, Francesco; Carvacho, Gonzalo; Santodonato, Luca; Bentivegna, Marco; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Sciarrino, Fábio
18-Jul-2019Experimental Connection between the Instrumental and Bell InequalitiesAgresti, Iris; Carvacho, Gonzalo; Poderini, Davide; Aolita, Leandro; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Sciarrino, Fabio
18-Jun-2020Experimental device-independent certified randomness generation with an instrumental causal structureAgresti, Iris; Poderini, Davide; Guerini, Leonardo; Mancusi, Michele; Carvacho, Gonzalo; Aolita, Leandro; Cavalcanti, Daniel; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Sciarrino, Fábio
16-Aug-2016Experimental test of nonlocal causalityRingbauer, Martin; Giarmatzi, Christina; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Costa, Fabio; White, Andrew G.; Fedrizzi, Alessandro
16-Mar-2017Experimental violation of local causality in a quantum networkCarvacho, Gonzalo; Andreoli, Francesco; Santodonato, Luca; Bentivegna, Marco; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Sciarrino, Fábio
18-May-2020Experimental violation of n-locality in a star quantum networkPoderini, Davide; Agresti, Iris; Marchese, Guglielmo; Polino, Emanuele; Giordani, Taira; Suprano, Alessia; Valeri, Mauro; Milani, Giorgio; Spagnolo, Nicolò; Carvacho, Gonzalo; Araújo, Rafael Chaves Souto; Sciarrino, Fábio