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18-Aug-2021Differential expression levels of Sox9 in early neocortical radial glial cells regulate the decision between stem cell maintenance and differentiationFabra-Beser, Jaime; Araújo, Jéssica Alves de Medeiros; Coelho, Diego Marques; Goff, Loyal A.; Costa, Marcos Romualdo; Müller, Ulrich; Gil-Sanz, Cristina
9-Aug-2017Live Imaging of Primary Cerebral Cortex Cells Using a 2D Culture SystemLandeira, Bruna Soares; Araújo, Jéssica Alves de Medeiros; Schroeder, Timm; Müller, Ulrich; Costa, Marcos Romualdo
6-Aug-2014Proliferative Defects and Formation of a Double Cortex in Mice Lacking Mltt4 and Cdh2 in the Dorsal TelencephalonGil-Sanz, Cristina; Landeira, Bruna; Ramos, Cynthia; Costa, Marcos Romualdo; Müller, Ulrich