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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Hormonal changes related to paternal and alloparental care in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)Mota, Maria Teresa da Silva; Franci, Celso Rodrigues; Sousa, Maria Bernardete Cordeiro de
2006Digestive enzymes during development of Ceratitis capitata (Diptera:Tephritidae) and effects of SBTI on its digestive serine proteinase targetsSilva, Fatima C. B. L.; Alcazar, Alonso; Macedo, Leonardo L. P.; Oliveira, Adeliana S.; Macedo, Francisco P.; Abreu, Luiz R. D.; Santos, Elizeu A.; Sales, Mauricio P.
2006CvL, a lectin from the marine sponge Cliona varians: Isolation, characterization and its effects on pathogenic bacteria and Leishmania promastigotesQueiroz, Alexandre F.S.; Moura, Raniere M.; Fook, Jacy M.S.L.L.; Dias, Anny S.F.; Monteiro, Norberto K.V.; Ribeiro, Jannisson K.C.; Moura, Gioconda E.D.D.; Macedo, Leonardo L.P.; Santos, Elizeu A.; Sales, Maurício P.
2007Pro-inflammatory effect in mice of CvL, a lectin from the marine sponge Cliona variansQueiroz, Alexandre F.S.; Moura, Raniere M.; Ribeiro, Jannison K.C.; Lyra, Ibson L.; Cunha, Dayse C.S.; Santos, Elizeu A.; de-Sales, Maurício. P.
2005Behavioral strategies and hormonal profiles of dominant and subordinate common marmoset (callithrix jacchus) females in wild monogamous groupsSousa, Maria Bernadete Cordeiro; Rocha, Ana Claudia Sales da; Albuquerque, Fabiola da Silva; Souza, Arrilton Araújo de; Yamamoto, Maria Emilia; Arruda, Maria de Fatima